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Today, wustl webstac our knowledge of my premier creditcard Indonesian culture is lacking, young people today more than megetahui about moderanisasi traditional. Outside cultural influences led to our lack of knowledge about the culture of the existing process in Indonesia. Lack of knowledge of our rights and obligations as citizens of the State causing the loss of a sense of unity we both towards each other and the State. Each of these individuals are more concerned with their own interests, without any sense of caring for each other.
my premier credit card As good Indonesian citizens, must have a sense of national integration. That is a sikaf concern for others and have a high sense of unity, both the State Nation, Religion and Family.
In this paper, we want to explain to challenge the meaning of National Integration, as well as the cause of national integration and efforts should be made in national integration.
National integration is to unite business and process differences differences exist in the country and thus creating harmony and national harmony. As we know, Indonesia is a very great nation either of culture or region. On the one hand this is a positive impact on the nation because we can take advantage of the natural wealth of Indonesia wisely or manage cultures are abundant for the people's welfare, but on the other lead to an advantage, it is also ultimately lead to new problems. We know the region and culture that will produce abundant human character or a different human being that can threaten the integrity of the nation of Indonesia.